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  • Now I have to tell you, I look a lot of hardware. A lot. All the time. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by Du Verre, but I was! Du Verre works with many high-end designers to create their unique collections and each piece is made from recycled aluminum. Each piece is also finished by hand.”

    Life in Sketch
    Tina Ramchandani, NYC | Interior Designer/Blogger
  • Could a gold finish be any more glamorous? Timeless, sophisticated, and equally elegant in modern and traditional decor, gold finishes are an effective way to bring on the bling in an interior. Du Verre Hardware‘s Pomegranate Collection is a perfect example, not to mention just one of over fifteen collections by the brand.

    Live The Life You Dream About
    Sarah Sarna, NYC | Interior Designer/Blogger
  • So with all the talk these days about the new neutrals and white making a huge comeback, I’d thought I’d share one of the most elegant white hardware I’ve seen in a very long while. This is the Arroyo collection from designer William Harvey.”

    Lisa Goulet Design
    Lisa Goulet, Ottawa | Interior Designer
  • DESIGN – DRIVEN: BlogtourNYC sponsor, Du Verre Hardware, has gone the distance in making sure your beautiful space is complete. And nothing says complete without the details. Whether your style is eclectic or industrial, traditional or contemporary, Du Verre has the fittings for your design needs. With a distinguished group of award-winning designers including sculptors, artists, interior and product designers on hand, Du Verre does not disappoint. Each group of hardware is equipped with its own intricate detail and character that commands your attention.”

    Design Manifique
    Marilyn G. Russell, ASID | Interior Designer
  • Changing out the hardware is one of the quickest ways to update and upgrade the appearance of your space.”

    Live The Fine Life
    Kathy Sandler, Nashville | Interior Designer, Blogger
  • Hardware, hardware, hardware. It’s like that piece of jewelry that pulls your outfit together. It can transform a kitchen remodel from well done… to magnificent. If the devil is in the details, impeccable hardware is the way to make magic in your new or updated kitchen.”

    Cecy j
    Life and Style Blogger
  • I like my kitchen to be a bit tough and industrial in combination with white cabinets. An industrial table with some shiny white tiles and something a bit different and unique… they created unique design-driven collections of knobs and pulls for fine furniture and interiors. To be honest it is different from everything I have ever seen in Europe.”

    Vosgesparis | Design + Life Style Blogger
  • In the world of cabinet hardware, Du Verre leads the crowded field in both design and quality. Every piece is made from recycled aluminum, which makes their products a sound environmental choice for responsible modern homes, and each piece is finished by hand which provides a luxurious depth in color and finish which wins in my book for being unique rather than just another mass-produced generic door pull.”

    Richard Rabel
    Interior Designer, NYC | The Modern Sybarite
  • Forged 3, has an amazing texture that would leap off any cabinet door. Rio, has a classic mid century look and feel that would seamlessly blend with modern decor. Pomegranate, possibly my absolute favorite line of door hardware, is another example of nature inspiring décor.”

    Richard Rabel
    Interior Designer, NYC | The Modern Sybarite
  • I love the tribal-like lines and arches that give this interwoven pattern an unexpected, subtle edginess. The Rio collection is a wonderful example of the artistic talent and original, contemporary designs that Du Verre Hardware has to offer.”

    Leslie Fine
    Boston, MA | Leslie Fine Interiors
  • Perfectly weighted and intricately detailed these eco-conscious designs would integrate beautifully into both residential and commercial projects alike.

    As designers, we are well aware that specifying the ideal hardware is an integral finish detail in the overall success of a design concept. The use of artisan-styled hardware in architectural shapes creates a surprising element that is sure to draw the eye. It’s just like an unique piece of jewelry; it completes the outfit and inspires dozens of compliments from everyone who sees it – and who doesn’t love that?"

    Lori Gilder
    Beverly Hills, CA | Interior Designer, Diary of a Renovation
  • There is something about grabbing onto a cabinet knob or handle that feels like it’s been designed just to conform to every curve of your hand. That is the feeling of Du Verre Hardware’s new line – Botero.”

    Ronique Gibson
    Stagetecture | Design Blogger
  • I love that the hardware is finished by hand, which means there are small variations in the final colour. So, not only does this add warmth and beauty to each piece, it makes each piece completely unique.”

    Louisa Blackmore
    Bedfordshire, UK | Designer, Teacher, Blogger
  • Who said cabinetry hardware can't be green, eco friendly and compatible with LEED objectives? Whoever it was, surely wasn't aware of DuVerre The Hardware Co.”

    Carmen Christensen
    Florida | Time2Design
  • Their cabinet hardware is clean and comprises a varied line that will be admired in almost any setting. One of the facets that attracted me was the beauty in their hardware. It is decorative and complementary without going to the point of overpowering the cabinets themselves.”

    Todd Vendituoli
    Home Centrl | Blogger
  • We think it’s pretty cool when we see design inspiration coming from textiles and so when we came across Du Verre Hardware‘s Kuba collection by Clodagh when we were in Los Angeles for BlogTourLA, we were instantly smitten.”

    Krista & Tami
    Cloth & Kind | Interior Design, Textiles
  • Hardware is a detail that can make such an enormous impact, even in small quantities. And when you are able to combine this beautiful, unique hardware with giving back to Mother Earth, it's a win-win situation”

    Ginger Brewton
    The Well Designed Life
  • With a long and impressive list of Designers such as Clodagh, Goodman & Charlton, Jeff Goodman and Erin Adams with backgrounds in various disciplines, who lend their expertise, creativity and signature to product development, it’s no wonder the collections of Du Verre are used around the world in hotel chains such as The Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Ritz Carlton Hotels and Getty’s to name just a few!”

    Patti Johnson
    Lexington, KY | Patti Johnson Interiors
  • As a designer I’m always on the look out for products that will make my kitchens one of a kind… One way to add a little artfulness is with cabinet hardware. Du Verre The Hardware Co. is one of the companies I discovered.”

    Gloria Graham
    Riviera Beach, FL | Brendan Donovan Furniture and Cabinet Co.
  • Add some drama to your kitchen or bath cabinets with Du Verre Hardware’s new Arroyo knobs and pulls in a White finish. Sophisticated with a modern edge, the Arroyo in White coordinates with the recent European white plumbing fixture trend.”

    Woodworking Network
    Trade Magazine
  • “Want unique? Duverre Hardware is one of our faves!”

    Cheryl Kees Clendenon
    In Detail Interiors | Gulf Coast, FL, Interior Designer
  • Inspired! Goodbye boring cabinet hardware!”

    Courtney Price
    Dallas, TX | Interior Designer + Life Style Blogger
  • Not only is this hardware beautifully crafted, but it's also environmentally friendly as well, since each piece is engineered entirely from recycled aluminum. I like to think of cabinet hardware as the jewelry in a kitchen or bath. Choosing unique hardware is a way to give your cabinets distinction.”

    Lisa Mende
    Charlotte, NC | Lisa Mende Design
  • My love for Du Verre Hardware!

    As an interior designer who specializes in kitchens and baths, I can't tell you how difficult it is to find a unique hardware for custom cabinets. It's even harder to find a great design that is just as durable as it is beautiful and different.”

    Meridith Hamilton
    MLH Designs Inc. | Interior Design
  • As a designer, I am always looking for new products that are innovative and ahead of their time. I love products that are great quality, timeless and never trendy. So I was really excited (while on BlogtourNOLA with Modenus) to learn about this hardware company Du Verre, I mean I was SO impressed!”

    Erica Islas
    EMI Interior Design | California
  • Du Verre is a company who really gets it. All around. In today's design market, collaborations are key. And they are no spring chickens to that. Their collaborations with award winning designers include some of my favorites designers, like Goodman Charlton, Erin Adams and more.”

    Erica Islas
    EMI Interior Design | California
  • Du Verre Hardware makes this lovely collection of black and silver hardware for kitchen and bath cabinetry, and it's like the perfect piece of jewelry on a classic dress, finishing it off to perfection.”

    Tamara Matthews-Stephenson
    Nest by Tamara | New York, NY
    Interior Designer + Blogger
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